[Video] Björk – Human Behaviour

Came back to Björk’s debut album, Debut1, recently and remembered how much I loved it, in particular this song.

I think I first saw the video on the ITV chart show – Saturday morning after Going Live, wasn’t it? – and the visuals completely stuck in my head – why wouldn’t they, they’re bonkers. So I looked it up on the youtube and it’s not really a surprise that they’re bonkers, it was directed by Michel Gondry.

Watching this again now, I’d be very interested to know if it was the inspiration in any way for the Mighty Boosh episode, Call of the Yeti. They’re actually strikingly similar in places.

1 Björk may be from the same school of naming albums as Blood, Sweat and Tears. Or Peter Gabriel.

3 thoughts on “[Video] Björk – Human Behaviour

  1. No she’s not on the PG tip(s) (haha) at all. Here’s a few: Vulnicura, Biophilia, Voltaic, Mount Wittenberg Orca, Bastards (!!), Drawing Restraint 9, Medulla, Debut (Live). Well maybe the last one.

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