[Song/Video] Ash – A Life Less Ordinary

Turns out that Ash have written two of my top… gonna go with 15 just in case I’ve forgotten some… top 15 pop songs of all time. And this is one of them. It’s just glorious. And it’s probably in my top 5 songs from films to boot. But those are posts for another time1.

This song was the redeeming feature of the mix CD that McDonald’s Hastings, where I worked part-time, had on repeat Autumn of ’97 (I’m guessing). Every couple of hours this would come on and massively brighten my mood.

I’ve included the video because it has clips of the utterly splendid film for which this song was the title track and some *well* nineties elements: ridiculous parka2 – check, wish it were the sixties haircut – check, vaguely Italian Job-esque car scenes – check, Ewan McGregor – check, Cameron Diaz – check, skate shoes – check. Plus for some reason they seem to have run *all* of the audio through a tube phaser3. Bizarre.

1 Probably4
2 Or is that a cagoule?
3 Listen to literally any other version on youtube to feel like you’re not in the sea any more.
4 Maybe

2 thoughts on “[Song/Video] Ash – A Life Less Ordinary

  1. It’s a Parkoule. I seemed to miss this track, not very familiar with it, it’s great. Never saw the film, need to catch up with it. 5 – What are the chances? Also, Ash were cool, I think my favourite band of the 90s. Maybe. 6 can you do footnotes in a comment?

  2. What are the chances of what?

    You can. You can either use the sup tag: 7, or there are actually unicode superscript characters: ⁷.

    I’m surprised you missed it. I bought it on a CD. The three B-sides were fantastic also.

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