[Song] Orbital adventures

The first record I bought aged 8. Actually it wasn’t it was in fact Fireball XL5, the music from an execrably bad TV series for kids. (Yes it’s on Youtube). But I saw sense and swapped it with my friend Jill for this, which is the Official First Record ™. But don’t tell anybody. This record was impossibly exciting, I can’t tell you. Especially the bit at 1:15 when the guitar solo drops. Also on rhythm guitar, for certain readers of this blog, (Great Rock Fact Dept™) George Bellamy, father of Matt Bellamy of Muse. I know!! Proof of my early taste. And all the spacy sound effects! I wore it out. The creator, Joe Meek is actually something of a legend among producers. It was recorded in a flat above a shop in Holloway Road, North London, and capitalized on the obsession with space and satellites which were first happening at the time.

2 thoughts on “[Song] Orbital adventures

  1. Excellent taste, indeed.

    Fortunately I can’t remember what my first single was. Although potential contenders include Freddie Mercury (can’t remember which song though), Right Said Fred (I think?) and Rolf Harris’ version of Stairway to Heaven. Rock. And. Or. Roll. I think you should maybe have taken more responsibility for my early music choices, frankly.

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